Mobile health care clinics serving garment workers in Lesotho

In the photo above, featured in “For busy garment workers, health care comes on wheels,” a garment worker receives appropriate care inside of a mobile clinic that visits her textile factory (Maraisane, 2016).

For garment workers in Lesotho, it can be a challenge to get the time needed for appropriate and preventive healthcare. Most garment factories do not support paid sick-leave, and so women are forced to make a decision: forego a day or two pay to get needed care, or forego prevention and ignore health issues in order to get paid.

To address this issue, a mobile clinic supported by the Maputsoe Seventh Day Adventist is now availalbe to garment workers throughout the week. Women can get the care they need, without leaving the premise of their facilities.

Prevention is crucial to promoting health. It is especially important that women receive reproductive and maternal health care, as they are at highest risk of getting HIV. Over 25% of women in Lesotho, and percentage of garment workers as high as 43% are affected by HIV.

Solutions like this mobile clinic are very important in countries like Lesotho. Workers face challenges with their lack of benefits, and women especially bare a burden of disease. The mobile clinic offers women the screening, prevention, and antenatal care they so badly need. I am pleased to see a workable solution, like a mobile clinic get set up. I believe this is a scalable approach that could potentially save many womens lives.

Garment workers aren’t the only populations benefiting from mobile clinics in Lesotho. To learn about some more inspiring stories, find out what mobile nurses are doing to provide care to HIV/AIDS patients and what Riders for Health are doing to access hard to reach populations. Images from both articles are featured below:


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