A school for shepherds in Lesotho

The featured photo was captured from the video, “A school for child shepherds,” which highlights the touching story of a young man who is educating other shepherds (Mohl, 2016).

This video highlights a young man, who has chosen to start a school for shepherd boys in Lesotho. Shepherds often lack a formal education. Their grueling all-day work as shepherds make it impossible for them to attend school during the day.

Julius Magero, also a farmer and shepherd, decided to give back to his community and teach young shepherds english and a formal education in evening hours, after their work with the animals has finished.

Education is invaluable, but especially in countries like Lesotho that are so heavily suffering from poverty. An education could lead to far greater opportunities and economic stability. Shepherds often have no choice but to pursue this work, and forego education, and potentially less-grueling and higher paying jobs in the city.

Over 500 young men have been served by Julius’ teachings – something he does not get paid for but does out of the compassion in his heart. The video highlights one young man who eventually leaves his job as a shepherd to pursue opportunities in the city, after he has learned English.

Education is such a valuable thing in Lesotho, that they young men are willing to come from miles and miles away (sometimes a few-hours long trip) to learn in the evening hours, after they have already put in a hard days effort shepherding. This is an incredibly impactful program, and if scaled to other communities could have a great impact on advancing socioeconomic statuses for the shepherd communities.

To read more about shepherds in Lesotho, visit this article from 2013. And to learn more about efforts in Lesotho to educate shepherds, watch this current video from UNICEF.


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