Annual Festival Promotes Literacy in Lesotho

For the fifth year in a row, Lesotho’s literacy festival will continue. This year’s theme is set to focus on “Finding Your Voice.” This event is very important in that it aims to improve literacy and celebrate creative writing in Lesotho. Most importantly, the event provides access to an outlet for training. The festival, called Ba re e ne re, is specifically tailored for the Basatho people. Its goal is to not only present literature and creative writings read by prominent authors, it also aims to hold workshops and go out into the community  (the Maseru Preparatory School) to reach youth in Maseru.

Education and literacy initiatives like these are paramount to the advancement of youth in Lesotho. Not only do events like this offer opportunities to improve literacy, but they also encourage creativeness and expression.  Although according to UNESCO, literacy rates are higher in Lesotho than other Sub-Saharan countries, with a total of 95% of women and 83% of men being literate, there are still challenges faced in Lesotho with retention in school and quality of secondary education. Events like the Ba re e ne re help to strengthen literacy and keep rates moving in the right direction.

Lastly, this event is important in cultural exchange. While it is very focused on the Basatho people, educators, artists, and expats from ranging backgrounds are invited to attend. While Lesotho may be used to exchanging cultures, being a landlocked country within South Africa, this event gives the opportunity for Sotho culture to shine.





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